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We believe everyone in the theatre community is not only family but royalty.


Located in the heart of Times Square, we incubate diverse new stories that may not have the chance to develop in a conventional environment. Bravery and fearlessness are imperative to our process: artists and audiences alike are challenged in a creative safe-space to explore and expose the tangled truths of the human condition.

Our Mission

The Royal Family mission is to galvanize the Times Square community by cultivating raw talent, collaborating with seasoned artists and inspiring audiences with a diversity of lion-hearted theatre.

Our Royal Court 

Founded in 2007 by Katie Avebe, Mary Bernardi, Chris Henry, and Andy Theodorou, we are today led fearlessly by Artistic Director Chris Henry.

Chris Henry

Co-founder / Artistic Director

Lorna Ventura

Creative Director

Lorna is a director/choreographer, with a long list of credits, from Broadway to Film and Television. She is excited by her new role at Royal Family and so are we!
You have probably seen her artistry in previous Royal Family productions including Women on Fire and Anne of Green Gables

Mark Falconer

Artistic Associate

Mark has been working in theater ever since he moved to New York City in 2007, starting with Royal Family's first two plays, Nobody Suspects a Butterfly and Safe Home.
If you spend any time at the Royal Family Performing Arts Space you will inevitably encounter Mark's warm smile and helping hand. Say hi next time you see him!

Members of Our Board

We are grateful for the generous support and guidance of all members of our board of directors:

Thomas Calcagni

Margaret Murphy

Alejandra Naranjo

Andy Theodorou

Joe Trentacosta

Chris Yegen

Clark Smith

Ricardo Lambert

Special thanks to our Legal Counsel M. Kilburg Reedy of Feldman, Golinski, Reedy + Ben-Zvi, PLLC; to our Royal Family Photographer Russ Rowland; and to Todd Gilmour and Michael DeRose for reimagining and reinventing our web site.

Have an idea or question about working with Royal Family Productions?

We collaborate, co-produce, and partner with artists, educators, producers and event planners who are looking to engage a fearlessly creative team to produce readings, performances and events. Tell us how you might like to collaborate: 

Thank you for reaching out! We will get back to you soon!


Looking for an event space? 
You can rent ours.

The Royal Family Performing Arts Space is located in the heart of Times Square. Rental is available for rehearsals and performances.
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