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Looking for an event space? 
You can rent our performing arts space.

Located in the pulsing heart of New York's theatre district, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, at 145 West 46th Street, 3rd Floor 


145 West 46th street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10036



House Size / 

65–90 Seat Black Box Theatre located in the heart of Times Square on 46th street between 6th and 7th avenues.

Stage Dimensions / 

25’ across and up to 30’ deep.

Black soft goods are available to be hung to create wings and a proscenium-style presentation space.

The floor is wooden on top of sturdy wood beam construction. A Marley Dance floor is also available.


Facilities / 
Dressing space for 10.
Single occupancy bathroom.
Greenroom/lounge with microwave and mini-fridge.


Other Information / 
Not ADA accessible.


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Lighting & Sound Equipment / 

Inventory and rep plot / channel hookup sheet available upon request


1. A rental is considered a lock-out for rental duration if Renter plans to:

  • Erect a set

  • Program lighting cues

  • Hang/Re-Focus any instruments on the Royal Family grid

  • Leave any production items on the premises between rental days/hours

2. If Renter is is planning to erect a set, program lighting cues, utilize the house sound system, hang/refocus any instruments on the grid, or load-in any technical equipment, they must provide the name and contact information of their Technical Director/Supervisor to discuss the technical scope of the production with a Royal Family representative.

3. All production items and equipment being brought into the space must be approved 
by Royal Family.

4. Set plans, lighting plot, and sound plot must be approved by Royal Family and stage condition and grid/electrics must be returned to pre-existing plot at completion of rental.

5. Renter must provide adequate and properly trained technical staff to load-in, build, run, and load-out their production. Royal Family can provide a list of technical theatre artists who have worked in the space previously. 

6. Renter may not move cabling on grid. Units/channeling/dimmers must be restored to pre-rental state at close of rental duration.

7. Total electricity pull must adhere to the 80 AMP limit coming into the theatre. 

8. Renter must request and adhere to specified time-frames for load-in and load-out (limited to 1 hour each for entrance and exit of production items into and out of the building). 

9. For Commercial Entities, regular season lock-out rates start at $10,000/week (maximum 40 hours/week) or $2000/day (maximum 8 hours/day). For more hours per time period, please add an additional hourly rate of $250/hr.

10. For Commercial Entities, regular season non-lock-out rates start at $150/hr (rehearsal only) and $250/hr (tech/performance/house open).

11. For Non-Profit Companies, regular season lock-out rates start at $7500/week (maximum 40 hours/week) or $1500/day (maximum 8 hours/day). For more hours per time period, please add an additional hourly rate of $150/hr.

12. For Non-Profit Companies, regular season non-lock-out rates start at $100/hr (rehearsal only) and $200/hr (tech/performance/house open).

13. Front of house must be run in accordance with Royal Family’s policies.

14. Renter must provide a Certificate of Insurance and proof of General Liability Insurance to cover their staff, volunteers, and audience for duration of rental. If Renter does not carry their own General Liability, they can inquire purchasing coverage under Royal Family’s liability insurance.

15. Royal Family does not market, promote, or otherwise advertise Renter’s productions.

16. House capacity is 89 seats. Theatre may not exceed 100 persons (including staff, performers, volunteers, and audience members).

17. Signage is not permitted to be left outside building during non-performance days/hours. Renter may provide one 24”x36” sign to be displayed at building entrance in accordance with Royal Family’s signage policy.

18. Royal Family permits up to 2 site visits before rental period begins. After 2 visits, Renter must pay $30 for each additional visit.

19. When contacting Royal Family regarding rentals, for the most prompt response please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name

  • The name of the production

  • Names of any significant people/organizations involved: director, playwright, producing organization, producer, etc.

  • How much time you’d like to rent (dates or date range, hours)

  • Please indicate if your company is non-profit or commercial

  • Scope of production and technical requirements/plans

20. Access to the theater, green room, and the single stall 3rd floor bathroom, are included in theatre rental along with the rep lighting plot, basic sound package, and select soft goods/theatre drapery. Access to any other areas in the building is not included in your rental and Royal Family does not provide staffing for your production needs or front of house.

21. Royal Family requires a 10% security deposit for every rental, to be refunded in full or in part upon final walkthrough/end of rental based upon gross negligence or damages incurred by Renter.

22. Rentals must be paid for by check or money order. Royal Family cannot accept payment via credit cards.


1. Front of house staff must be set up to receive audience members 1 hour before showtime. A minimum of 2 FOH staff must be present outside theatre space from the moment box office opens until your last audience member exits the building.

2. FOH must have someone stationed at check in desk AT ALL TIMES during box office open.

3. Royal Family is not responsible for running Renter’s FOH. The only exception is in the case of the Renter having purchased a Royal Family FOH package - please contact us to inquire about FOH and Box Office packages.

4. Signage may only be placed when box office opens and must be dismantled/removed after show begins.

5. Alcohol and concessions may not be sold, served, or given away without expressed consent and approval of Royal Family. It is illegal to sell alcohol in the state of NY without a permit.

6. All showtimes must be approved by Royal Family and tickets may not be sold until Renter has received expressed consent from Royal Family.

7. Theatre is located on 3rd floor of a NYC Landmarked building. There is no elevator. Please advertise and plan accordingly.

8. Late seating must be facilitated by Renter’s FOH staff and must be in accordance with Royal Family’s FOH Policies.

9. All FOH activities/procedures must be approved by Royal Family.

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