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Whether you're buying tickets to a single show or a season's worth of theatre, we have a package for you. And if you're a supporter of not-for-profit charities, you can help our work even further by making a tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)3.


pays one actor for two hours of rehearsal

We're not asking actors to come in for free or for subway fare. Rehearsing is work and they should get paid for it. 

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pays one electrician for a lighting call
Just The lights overhead need to be hung, focused on the stage, and adjusted properly. 

pays one actor for a weekend of performances
We are committed to paying actors a fair, living wage. 

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pays one dancer for a week's worth of rehearsals.
Choreography is difficult to learn. Any dancer you see onstage has be rehearsing for at least 40 hours. 

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pays all the artists for one performance of a play reading.
Want We can pay the salaries of every actor, designer, playwright, and director for one performance as part of our development of new plays.

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pays all the dancers for one main stage production.

 We can afford all the dancers you see on stage, plus swings and understudies, for the entire rehearsal process, through tech and every performance. 

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Make your gift recurring monthly!

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another amount 


We appreciate your generosity and every penny goes towards creating fearless and challenging theatre.

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