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Whether you're buying tickets to a single show or a season's worth of theatre, we have a package for you. And if you're a supporter of not-for-profit charities, you can help our work even further by making a tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)3.


makes it possible to rent one light for the run of one show.


Look up and count the number of instruments hanging during your next visit—the lights add up, right? Every dollar keeps the lights on, literally.

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helps cover the cost of costume changes for one actor in one production. 


Just across the street, a single costume on Broadway could cost up to $20,000. We make the magic happen for far less. But we still need your help.


provides funds for a script development session


One of our key missions here at Royal Family is the development of new works. Early script development requires workshops, staged readings, and supplies as basic as the paper to print scripts.

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helps cover the cost of set design for one show.


The challenges of building sets in New York City are bewildering. How our designers manage to accomplish so much on a shoe-string budget amazes us, but they always find a way.

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covers the cost of our performance space for one month.


Want to make a really big difference? Make our day. No, make our MONTH. Just $5000 covers ALL expenses to maintain our performance space for a single month.

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covers the cost of an Emerging Artist workshop and production. 


Development for a Broadway show can cost millions, but you could help launch the career of the next great Emerging Theatre Artist.

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Make your gift recurring monthly!

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another amount 


We appreciate your generosity and every penny goes towards creating fearless and challenging theatre.

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Thank you!

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